We’ve compiled a list of FAQs for your convenience. If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Q: What do I have to do to reserve my wedding date?

A: To officially reserve your wedding date you will need to do two things. Pay your deposit, which is half of your package price, (the other half will be due three weeks before your date) and complete the Wedding Agreement. For your convenience, both of these steps can be completed online.

If you’re ready to reserve your wedding date now please click here to go to our Ready to Reserve page. (Will open in new window.)

Q: How much time do I need to book?

A: The package you choose depends largely upon the amount of time you want the wedding photographer there documenting your wedding day. There are a lot of factors to consider when making this decision and sometimes it can be hard to know where to begin. We’ve put together a Wedding Day Photography Timeline & Tips guide you through the process of the wedding day from a photography standpoint. By the time you’re finished reading this you will be sure to know what the right amount of coverage is for the specific needs of your special day. Click here for Wedding Day Photography Timeline & Tips. (Coming Soon. Contact us if you want it now!)

Q: What’s the difference between full resolution images and “proofs”?
A: Most photographers allow you to view all of the images from your wedding or portrait session. These are called proofs. You will then have to pick and choose which photos and print sizes you can afford to purchase, leaving the rest behind (unless, of course budget isn’t a concern). And because your photographer legally maintains the rights to those images, you then must purchase the chosen prints through the photographer at a premium. This is where most inexpensive photographers make their money. To give you an idea, most 4×6 prints are priced from $4.00-$8.00 and 8x10s from $25-$30 each. Large prints, like a 20×30 go for well over $100. For a wedding that can get really expensive! It’s important to keep this in mind when pricing photographers. It’s true that these prints are of the highest quality and will be archival, and therefore last forever. They are worth the price but there are less expensive options out there. 

Amara Photography includes a USB drive of your high resolution, professionally processed photographs with all wedding packages and portrait sessions. You will also receive a full print release that will allow you to reproduce or print your photographs at anytime. You can take them to any lab of your choice or we can recommend one to you. You most likely won’t even be asked for the print release but it’s there in case you need it. If you decide that you would like some professional quality prints we do offer them at a significantly discounted rate. The USB drive gives you options! You can let us do all the prints, do them all yourself or some of both. 

Q: How many pictures will I get? 
A: The number of photos each couple will end up with can vary dramatically, depending on the timeline and events in your wedding, the house rules, how good the lighting is etc. As a guideline, the number of photos delivered is usually somewhere between 50-100 photos, per hour of photography coverage. Most often, we end up somewhere in the middle.

Q: What goes into a photographer’s pricing?
A: You may have wondered how Wedding Photographer’s arrive at the pricing of their packages. We’ve put together some information that will help you understand just that. Click on the link below to read it. Feel free to 
contact us if there are any questions we can answer for you. What Goes Into a Wedding Photographer’s Pricing? 

Q: What editing is included with your pricing?
A: We edit each and every image with color & density correction (editing the color and brightness of a photo), apply cropping and straightening to any images that need it and finish each photo off with special custom created techniques to make the photos really pop with that Amara Photography “look”.

We do also offer more extensive retouching (such as blemish removal etc.) at an additional cost. We like to keep this fee separate as it allows each couple to choose for themselves whether they’d like to pay for additional retouching, rather than working it into every couples pricing. Retouching is available for $5 per photo or for $75/hour for bulk retouching.

Q: Do you offer payment plans?
A: Yes and no. Traditionally we require half the price of your chosen wedding package as a deposit up front to reserve your date. The other half is due three weeks before the wedding. However, if you will be spending $2,000 or more with us between wedding package, prints, albums etc., we do allow you to break your expenses into payments. Usually 4 even payments. We do, however, understand what an important day this is for you and if a different payment plan is going to make the difference between you getting the coverage and products you have your heart set on, then we are always willing to work with you.

The only requirement for a payment plan is that the payments will be set up to be withdrawn automatically per our agreement and that payment must be complete 3 weeks prior to your wedding date. Payment plans can also be used for albums and other products, but again, payment must be completed before your album/products will be delivered.

Q: Can I purchase my album after the wedding?
A: Of course! You can purchase any of our products at any time before or after the wedding.

Q: Why do I want Engagement Photos?
A: Engagement pictures are great for a lot of reasons! They are a set of photographs of just the engaged couple taken before the wedding. They feature the couple in a more casual and relaxed setting. They can be used in many ways. They can be incorporated into wedding and reception elements (e.g. Save the Dates, Invitations, Photo Guest Book, Signature Mat, DVD Slideshow, for display on reception tables, wedding programs and favors), used for newspaper announcements, and/or simply framed for display in a couple’s home.

Another great thing about doing engagement photos is that it allows both the photographer and the couple to get to know each other, which can help the pictures from the wedding day will look more natural and at ease.

Q: Why do I want Bridal Photos?
A: Bridal pictures are great for a lot of reasons! They are a set of photographs of just the bride taken before the wedding. They feature the bride in full wedding attire. They can be used in many ways. They can be incorporated into wedding and reception elements (e.g. Photo Guest Book, DVD Slideshow, Save the Dates, for display on reception tables, wedding programs and favors) and/or simply framed for display in a couple’s home.

Another great thing about doing Bridals is that it allows both the photographer and the bride to become more comfortable with each other, and suggests that the pictures from the wedding day will look more natural and at ease.

Q: How far in advance do we need to do the Bridals/Engagements?
A: Anytime you want. It’s really up to the couple how soon you want to do it. There are a few factors that will go into your decision. One of them is what you plan on using them for. If you want to use them for Save The Dates you’ll need to plan on doing them a ways before you need to send them out. Another factor is weather. If comfortable outdoor temperatures are important to you, you’ll want to think ahead and plan for a date that should provide the most comfortable conditions for taking photos outdoors. If weather doesn’t matter to you, then we can do it anytime. Whatever you decide, just make sure to leave enough time for the photos to be processed (1-3 weeks) and then to be incorporated into whatever you’re using them for.

Q: How far are you willing to travel?
A: Amara Photography is based out of Charleston, SC but we do weddings all over South Carolina state as well as out of state. Travel is something we enjoy so if your wedding is a ways away that’s not a problem at all! We do charge a small travel fee of .60 per mile for locations more than 40 miles (80 round trip) in any direction from North Charleston. (The first 40 miles each way are free.) That means if your wedding is 60 miles away (in each direction) the travel fee would be $24. Of course if your wedding location is under 40 miles (one way) there is no travel fee. When it’s impractical to travel to and from your wedding location the same day, the travel fee will need to be larger to cover other expenses such as a hotel etc.

Q: Do you do headshots, individual portraits, family portraits, commercial photography, or other types of photography?
A: Yes we do! To check out our other types of photography, go to

Q: Do you shoot Quinceaneras, Debutants, Bah Mitzvahs, or Corporate Events?
A: Yes! We shoot any type of event. To get pricing for your event please contact us directly.